Fanny de Ruyter: a sustainable streetwear brand

Fanny de Ruyter is a streetwear label that creates clothing with consciously sourced materials. The designer uses bold shapes, mixed with strong colour contrasts and unexpected prints to create unisex items. Inspired by different groups of women worldwide the brand stands for powerful confidence, multicultural pride and body positivity.

Creating sustainable fashion for the future

Have you ever tried to shop exclusively sustainable clothing? Well, even in 2022 it is one of the hardest thing to do while shopping. Fanny de Ruyter aims to make conscious shopping the easiest thing to do on earth by creating the most daring sustainable clothes with new fabric technologies so you no longer have to choose between ethics and aesthetics.

Feminism on top of the clothing industry

Even if sustainability is the core of all collection of the brand. Feminism has a big role in the creation of the clothes by Fanny de Ruyter. Every collection is inspired by the women with different appearances, backgrounds and ethnicities. By creating unisex clothing, the brand wants to show their beauty and give these women a voice.